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How Doctor view us...

How Doctor view us...
Doctor view us as time bomb relapse anytime. After that keep say question to test you. You just like white mice around the corner. This message is for u to all doctor. Basically we all  human are not perfect. U want to treat us until perfect? what is the logic behind?No one is perfect in this world u shit doctor. it is endless treatment if u expect us 100% recover.IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!. Lets says u feel our personality unwelcomed just becAUSE personality different u add extra dose medicine. wtf?!!personality different add medicine just because unwelcome natural personality?!!! U ask us go church asnd trust god and ok fine. then we see god u say is fake is illusion. so u want us trust god or not?I say i am mother fucker son of god decendant of zeus heir.but u all dont believe but u all  stuck in place mis caught in your place u dont believe. held me there like fucking retarded place. Ya this world actually got god just u people human too stupid. Torture god and kill god in your own hand and then go church workship someone talking wishy washy showoff word.god die for a cross cleanse our sin.Bullshit jesus is mother fucker moron...jesus not perfect too.let me point out his mistake which is If he not showoff his god here and there he wont be punished like mother fucker son of the bitch on cross. The reason i break my home stuff because i play ouijia board i saw some entities not belong to earth confuse my time and scene it was not illusion. I know u doctor wanna say it is illusion add medicine. I always know say u trust...yes u trust but add medicine is trust mar...funny doctor...stupid as hell. alive god being caught and many time i need to die to prove i am son of god decendant of zeus? I encourage all psychiatrist play ouijia board before judge is illusion u dumbfuck doctor! I dont care what it takes i will not let people took away my god identity. Dont give me extra medicine furthermore just kill me thank you.

What insultful question will promt out if u are mentally ill?

Why u give up treatment? you eat medicine already? you are not stable eat your medicine? you crazy? its time for u eat medicine.....and so forth

Friend and romance

One word friend same sex still can hangout. If you are male person like me. GIrl all run away. Girl stomp you. Ignore u .try to escape from you. they think u are worst person in this are poor you are idiot..u are stalker. u are scary and dangerous Dont wanna talk to u. it seem doctor wanted us to social but they treat us like u want us talk or not or no?so everything i kept to myself like a suicide timebomb. if we suicide u all blame us crazy it seem fault is u people treat us that way. why put all blame to us...we all want romance too like normal human does.  I bottle every love feeling i had even say pretty girl ..i fast fast run away...or turn away ..ignore them..dont talk to them..later talk talk talk fall in love then she reject...we feel bad and i think conclusion friend and romance social way is hopeless...

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